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Awesome Features

Syncs with both Microsoft 365 and Google Mail
Note Sharing
Automatically mails the notes to all the attendees
Join all meetings
Aira will attend if you are unable to
Integrates CRM using Zapier
Action items
Edit action items and share instantly with the team
Analyse meetings and suggest improvements, optimise sales and drive sales pipeline

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Our Clients

Cognit Technologies

Painted Cube
PaintedCube Media

Viram Labs
Viram Labs

Unbound B2B
Unbound B2B


Frequently Asked Questions

Aira – Our Voice AI platform automatically records the meetings and transcribes all of it and makes it easier for you to go through them in one place, thus saving your time to make the meeting notes afterward.

If you have a busy schedule and have a work atmosphere where you needed to take up online meetings, it becomes tedious to keep  track of all these while create specific meeting notes. Step in AIRA – and this is taken care of.

For all the office managers, teams, functions and business processes.

Our AI based assistant is  being continuously upgraded for making its services more effective thereby enhancing your productivity.

We are releasing the product with users, only if they sign up for the demo of the product. Please find the link here:

We have already launched but we are only enabling it for users once they have signed up for the demo.

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