Integrates With CRM

Aira becomes a user in CRM and integrates with most online meetings platforms

Zapier Integration with Aira
Microsoft Teams Integration with Aira
Zoom Integration with Aira
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Outlook integration with Aira

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Customer Benefits

Time Saving

Save up to 15% of your meeting time


Share meeting information between your team members smoothly

Boost Productivity by 2x

Improve attention and focus for every meeting

Sales Increase by 4x

Analyze sales conversion data for better decision making

What does Aira do ?

Aira takes charge of all web meetings and provides notes, action items, keywords, transcripts and recordings for every meeting in one place.

Auto-joins Online Meetings

Aira can auto-join online meetings by picking them up from the calendar itself. It will never be late for a meeting.

Auto-joins Online Meetings
Records Meeting Conversations

Records Meeting Conversations

Aira records the entire conversation and provides the transcript along with the voice recording at the end of the meeting.

Auto-generates Meeting Notes

With an AI-driven approach, Aira quickly figures out the meeting notes from the entire conversation. It helps save time and focus on the work at hand.

Auto-generates Meeting Notes
Edits Action Items Quickly

Edits Action Items Quickly

Aira intelligently analyzes and provides a list of action items that one can easily edit.

Emails To All Attendees

Once your meeting is over, it sends recordings, meeting notes and action items to all the attendees in an email.

Emails To All Attendees

Why You Need Aira?

Aira helps companies achieve ROI of up to 100X

constant support

You get an AI Assistant that works 24×7 with zero errors.

meeting insights

You receive insightful meeting details that improve their productivity manifold.

Aira document every meeting point

You have access to a repository of all their meetings for quick decision-making.



Aira helps small, medium companies and online entrepreneurs
get an overall ROI of up to 100X with a single tool.

HR Professionals

Aira helps with record-keeping of all online interviews
for later reviews and also recruiter training.

Sales/IT Professionals

Aira helps track customer requirements and feedback with
automatic note-taking. It also generates action lists
and keywords after every online meeting.

Other Professionals

Aira logs into calendar meetings automatically.
It records them and generates transcripts, action lists
and keywords at the end of every meeting.