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AI meeting minutes save time

Your business landscape is more dynamic and complex than ever.

Today it takes more than just an idea and a product to give your business a smooth take off.

There is just so much that you need to take care of. Right from market research to product development to customer experience, it is the combined efficiency that decides the success of your business.

But, let’s look take a closer look at the situation.

What do you think that ties all these factors into one single string?

Your team.

It is the right collaboration of talents that makes sure your organization gets to succeed.

But here is the chink in the armor.

Keeping your team members on the same page is no easy task.

It becomes pretty much an onus under some circumstances. Especially the team meetings and collaborations that happen in between distributed workforce.

So, what could be the possible solution here?

Enter, AI meeting summary.

Thus it is no brainer to guess why smart collaboration and meeting tools are gaining steady popularity.

Synergy Research estimates the collaboration market to see a rise by 9% by 2019, reaching $45 billion in revenue.

But to find out why there’s an upsurge in demand, we need to know the pain-problems in the traditional meeting model.

key challenges for traditional meeting

Key challenges your team faces in a traditional meeting?

  • Time redundancy consuming each other’s time is one of the significant problems that a team faces in their paths of working to the end goal. Also, team members who are habitual late comers eat up a lot of valuable work time.
  • Objective redundancy coming impromptu in a meeting is one of the chief setbacks in business. It is essential for the team head to craft clear cut objectives for the meeting. This way, you create the right expectations and facilitate better communications amongst your team members.
  • Quality redundancy taking notes, popularly known as “minutes of the meeting,” is one of the fundamental tasks in a meeting. But, doing this, you sacrifice your focus from the meeting to taking notes.

An AI meeting summary assistant makes sure it alleviates all these pain-problems along with bringing something more to your table: precision and user-experience.

But to find out how it adds to your team’s overall performance, you need to understand what it exactly is?

ai meeting summary assistant

What is an AI meeting summary assistant?

Automated scheduling or the popular AI meeting summary assistant is one of the most prominent applications of the bleeding-edge AI technology. It is an AI-powered bot simulating human voice that makes improves the overall experience of meetings between teams.

From scheduling to planning to communicating real-time and taking minutes of the meeting, it automates the full event. It frees your valuable time to make sure you can focus on your work instead of meta-work.

Now, let’s see what are the key areas where an AI bot increases your team’s efficiency?

ai meeting assistant augment team performance

How can an AI meeting assistant augment your team’s performance?

Blending the best of AI and simulating human voice, a meeting assistant can bring you the following elements:

  • Enhanced focus eliminating distractions from doing work like taking notes and meeting arrangement tasks, an AI-assistant makes sure you focus on what matters, the meeting.
  • Improved productivity: Keeping everyone on the same page with real-time alterations and updates; it facilitates smoother communication between teams. Thus, you get a hassle-free, friction-proof collaboration experience.
  • Increased engagement: the power of machine learning, your AI-assistant can make sure it gives you the human feel at every interaction. But, like the human workforce, it does not err, making you eligible to experience the best of both worlds.

But, with the market flooding with options and features, it is easy to get into the “over-analysis paralysis” syndrome.

Making your decision-making more comfortable, here are the key features to note when you decide to choose your AI meeting summary assistant.

AI meeting assistant features

Top features to look for in your AI meeting summary assistant

It may seem obvious, but keep this advice in mind. The main goal of your AI meeting assistant is to make you’re work-life easy.

It cannot flout on this element.

So, while you choose your tool, your primary focus should be on its effectiveness and its degree of user-friendly.

Following are critical capabilities that can make your decision confident:

  • Schedule meeting: This is perhaps the most crucial feature that your tool shall facilitate you with. This feature must be hassle-free and fast.
  • Re-scheduling: Easy re-scheduling feature is absolutely essential for the last minute changes in your meetings.
  • Conflict resolution: Conflicts and meetings are almost synonymous. Thus, if your AI meeting assistant cannot help you to resolve conflicts between teammates, you lack the fullest capabilities.
  • Automatic transcription: While you are in your meeting, your AI-meeting assistant shall automatically record your meeting minutes and transcribe for your future use. This should be fast, precise, and easy.
  • Flexibility: Gone are those eras when a business could run successfully on silo models. Integration is a crucial feature to determine the usability of a tool today.
    If your AI-meeting assistant doesn’t allow you enhanced integration with the most popular productivity tools in the market, reconsider your decision.
  • Note sharing: It is essential that your tool allows easy note sharing and highlights of meetings amongst team members. It is a huge win to keep everyone on the same page.

The AI-powered voice platform AIRA features all these capabilities.

However, it has something even more to offer.

AIRA is cloud-based, conversation-friendly, and goal-oriented. That means you can now be sure you are on point with your meetings every time.

What’s more?

It has 24/7 help support and secure integration that allows your seamless synchronization between google tools, calendar, and much more – also, it’s 100% safe.

Its encryption technology makes sure all your conversations are super-private.

Final Thoughts

No matter what is the size of your team, 20 or 200, clear communication can turn tables for your organization. Investing in an AI meeting summary assistant can increase your productivity by leaps and bounds.

Bring onboard your AI team member today!

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