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The success of your business is more reliant on meetings and their automatic meeting transcriptions that is created; that you can utilize for business productivity.

In fact, it is one of the foundational components of your team’s best performance. Be it your team collaboration, proper communication, or strengthening stake-holder relationships, meetings are of primary importance.

In fact, according to Minute, businesses spend roughly $37 billion per year just in the United States on meetings, which are not even significantly substantial.

So, wouldn’t you want to optimize on a resource that is responsible for such a substantial investment?

What if you could rethink the way you do meetings?

Enter AI-powered automatic meeting scheduler.

However, to understand what this AI tool can do for your business, let’s know the reasons for the unproductivity of a traditional meeting.

unproductive business meeting

Why Does a Business Meeting Become Unproductive?

  • Meeting Objective: meeting objective is one of the predominant reasons why the outcome of meeting sessions is null. Many of the business meetings are scheduled without clearly defining the meeting agenda. You can almost equate it with coming unprepared.
  • Time precision: getting late for meetings is another fundamental bad meeting habits that make the session unproductive.

Over-consuming each other’s time gets in the way of reaching the goal of the meeting.

In fact, it has been reportedly noted that some members take too much time, while others never actively participate.

A voice-enabled AI meeting assistant makes sure you can champion all these roadblocks seamlessly. Blending the power of AI and the simulated human voice, a meeting assistant can bring you more focus, productivity, engagement, and, most importantly, reduce redundancy.

What’s more?

It can potentially save you 30% of the money on meetings.

The key factor that goes into increasing the quality and productivity of an AI-powered meeting assistant is the automatic transcription feature.

Let’s find out why?

automatic meeting transcript is essential

Why is the Automatic Meeting Transcriptions Feature Essential?

Taking notes on what we know as minutes of the meeting (mom) is a crucial process to make the meeting fruitful.

However, in doing so, you also distribute your focus from the meeting to writing. This increases redundancy in the meeting. Also, it often makes you susceptible to miss the mark of the meeting.

However, with an automatic meeting transcriptions feature in an AI-powered meeting assistant, you can focus on what matters, the meeting.

The meeting assistant automatically records your meetings and transcribes it for your future use while highlighting the key events.

But there are certain elements that go into making a transcription precise.

Key elements for quality transcription

Key Elements that Make a Quality Transcriptions

  • Audio quality: While you are at your meeting, you must make sure that your voice comes clearly. Thus, it is essential to have tested your recording device.
  • Well-acquaintance: Getting acquainted with the participant’s names and industry-specific terminologies is very important to make sure your teammates are on the same page. It increases the precision of the transcription too.

An ideal automatic meeting transcriptions maker makes sure it covers all these checkpoints.

Start automatic meeting transcriptions

How can you Start your Automatic Meeting Transcriptions?

Roughly speaking, you can have your meeting transcription in three significant ways.

Method #1 DIY Project

First, there is always a DIY approach.

But, the conversion time for this approach is painstakingly too long. Keeping up with the hand-ear co-ordination can be a tough task.

Even if you hire a professional transcriber, your transcription is susceptible to human error.

Roughly speaking, hour-long audio takes more than four hours to create transcribe.

However, you can always use a smarter method.

Method #2 Clubbing Tools

You can always go for the mix and match method of your favorite tools. Recording your meeting sessions using your conference tool, you can later use the recording to transcribe the same with a professional transcription service software.

However, this may not have very high precision levels.

Some level of data redundancy will be there invariably. You would need to feed a list of terminologies to make sure you have a high-precision rate.

But the best of both worlds comes in with the AI transcription tools.

Method #3 AI Transcription

AI transcription, along with the web conferencing tool, makes your meeting note-taking a breeze.

In fact, these tools make sure you are at the peak of your productivity.

The enormous benefit of this approach is its automatic transcription services along with the video conferencing tool.

The AI-powered meeting assistant automatically transcribes your meeting minutes after it ends. You can access this feature with your preferred meeting tool only by logging into your account.

You’ll see in the dashboard that after every meeting you undergo, you store the transcript in the panel. Here, in the meeting history, you would get the details of every meeting you ever attended.

What’s more? Making it more accessible, you receive an email with the link of the transcript file to your email account.

However, amidst the volley of tools, choosing the right tool which does all the job for you can be pretty daunting.

Thus, amongst all, AIRA AI Meeting Assistant seems a smart choice for automatic meeting transcriptions.

The AI-powered meeting assistant AIRA makes sure you get the best experience every time.

AIRA’s smart, cloud-based, and has a conversation-friendly interface.  This makes it more human. However, it never errs.

AIRA is geared to improve your team’s productivity and efficiency while keeping your meetings always goal-oriented.

Most importantly, its transcription is 99% accurate and only gets better with time.

Final Thoughts

Today the business landscape is more dynamic than ever. Thus, staying connected amongst the team members is indispensable for the performance of the team. In such a situation, meetings are an unavoidable phenomenon.

However, improving its efficiency is truly possible with the right couple of tools: the meeting recorder and precise transcriber.

Transcription software and tools can save you from a lot of noise ad friction of meetings. It reduces the chances of error, what a human transcriber is vulnerable to.

A machine-dependent AI transcriber can get you the work done in 20 minutes, which would have been the task of 4 hours otherwise.  Thus, getting your AI meeting assistant is a step that you should consider today!

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