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Machine Learning and Business Communication

The world today has about 50% – 60% of its activities carried out by artificial intelligence. So does machine learning; it is one of the fastest-growing and dominating factors around the globe.

There are endless benefits to anticipate when it comes to the adaptation of this technology for business growth. For the past two decades, there has been a rapid change in business communication. And all credit goes to the rise of the internet. Telephone networks are not propagated via wire network. Instead, we are presented with the opportunity of operating our VoIP system from different IP addresses, which has provided us with the needed flexibility for devices and workers. Our landscape is transformed by machine learning.
We provide you with some significant trends you can center your attention on, in this article. As you get to read along, you will discover more about how machine learning is changing today’s business communication.

Machine learning. What does it mean?

One of the subsets of artificial intelligence is machine learning, as we all know that AI technology is built upon a set of computer algorithms that are meant for quick statistics processing. With the use of AI, we stand the chance of performing multiple tasks or a single task repeatedly. Thus, the name ‘Intelligent’ since it creates room for performing a complex task within the shortest time frame. On the other hand, machine learning provides a program that can be carried out with a model. The program carries out data processing from its beginning to end. The process of machine learning is grouped into three; these are:

  • The supervised machine learning: this time, a known set of data is taken to respond to a given task or queries.
  • The unsupervised machine learning: this program locates a new pattern and automatically create a model with supervision.
  • The reinforcement learning: through the use of multiple trials, algorithms carry out specific decisions.

Machine learning has a real-world application. It empowers the pattern Google uses for analyses, search results and create the unique input of self-driving cars and many more effects. Machine language has a lengthy application in our real-world situations. And the telecommunication sector has no viable difference to this too. It’s built to use virtual assistants, and is primarily used for VoIP,

The vision Microsoft has for artificial intelligent communications

When it comes to unified communications, Microsoft remains the leading industry. For instance, what a Graph can do for a team, is to locate an individual via their name and going beyond a simple search match phrase. A graph can carry out the right calculation of the name of the person and how far your interaction is with them.

Graphs are always a step further. And if you’re not familiar with a name but need someone who is specialized in ‘chatbots’ Graph can rightly estimate who is competent enough to carry that out within an organization. The program is built to center its calculation of chats, email posts, and many more activities that deal with ‘chatbots.’

The vision Google has for communications in the future

Virtual assistance has remarkable time-saving qualities. A bot can be programmed to scan a calendar of different attendees and schedule a suitable appointment that takes place after a voice command. For instants, a command can go ‘schedule a meeting with Cindy,’ as simple as this may sound, it could save most employees hours of stress that is accompanied by scheduling a meeting. Aside from planning a meeting within the members of an organization. The technology can be used to complete a variety of complex tasks too. The Google Jamboard is yet another interactive whiteboard for business.

Google plans to improve the performance of machine learning to help out with tasks like notetaking. This technology will successfully transcribe conversation accurately, irrespective of the number of individuals participating in the conversation. The Jamboard will perform all the activities of a secretary, which include notetaking, saving notes, and sending it to all the attendees of the meeting.

The use of AI can help communication in your business

To a lot of people, improvement in machine language often sounds like science fiction. The truth is, but people and data are significant when it comes to communication in business. Most of the technology in the world today are built with the inherent power to enhance the relationship bond that exists between people and the received information. And this factor is essential when it comes to qualifying sales leads, improving customer service, and profiling customers. Modern businesses produce vast amounts of data. An incredible development like machine learning gives room for processing vast amounts of data faster than when it is done manually. For instance, all forms of conference calls can be recorded and stored.

Taking records, saving, and processing all sorts of call data can give room for businesses to modify, and locate patterns that lead to more productivity. Identification of trends in customers’ communication and observing out teams that are not working or that requires changes. Machine learning can also provide information about a customer if he or she prefers meetings or calls, the right time to speak, and the appropriate time to listen. All of this data can be very beneficial to your customer service since it provides helpful tips to know at what time your team needs to put calls across and the number of employees needed at any given time. Any form of activity that involves patterns identification and theory involvement can be carried out with the use of a machine.


So, this is it! The two vital players in the field of communication are vigorously working hard to boost communication in business via the use of meetings and assistant software that is instigated through machine learning.

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