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Aira provides users with professional transcription, summarization, and organization of official duties, thus relieving you of 85% of stress during work hours.

It helps to recall action items, data, and meeting notes. It’s reasonable to connote the meaning of AI to a science-fiction scenario or to envision a world that’s governed by robots or something similar. And from most movies and science-related stories, we limit our thoughts of this incredible gift of science to a scene of a driverless car maneuvering its way through across traffic. Aside from the characters displayed in movies, AI can also be used to perform official tasks. Currently, we created a free AI assistance known as Aira. Our team aims at creating an accessible assistant that can help you schedule an appointment with your clients. This is how it carries out its operation.

    • Aira is a voice AI platform that automatically records a meeting and transcribes all of it; making it easier for you to go through them in one place, thus saving you time to make the meeting notes afterward.
    • Aira is designed to join online meetings, in-person meetings, or conference calls.
    • Aira can connect to multiple meetings simultaneously. To connect, you have to make a call to your number, and it will automatically start the recording of the session.
    • Once the meeting is done, you receive the transcription of the meeting with action items highlighted by AIRA, making it easier for you to keep track of it and which also can be shared with other members of the teams who might have missed the meeting to keep them on the same page.
  • You get a dashboard in which you can see your past meetings transcribed and your forthcoming meetings. You can dive into my meetings section and can easily look up the meeting you had on a particular date or with a specific person and recall it using the transcription stored.

The three big takeouts for most TechRepublic readers

  1. Most AI meeting assistances are built with the capability to handle communication and plan out meetings. To this effect, making more time available and eliminating unnecessary email correspondence.
  2. Aira is a perfect example of what a narrow AI should look like since all narrow AI should be able to accomplish a specific given task.
  3. AI meeting assistance is a perfect instance of learning from a vast amount of grouped data, and this is a significant part of most machine learning.


Adopting Aira can be an effective way to help you cut down costs and save time. So, you guess it right! The world is gradually evolving to the phase where most secretaries will go out of jobs.

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