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Businesses thrive on customers. No matter whether you are a start-up or a huge corporation, you need a solid customer base for your organization to breathe.

A productive meeting plays an indispensable role in the success story of your business. Be it striking a rapport with your team members, stakeholders, or your customers; meetings are vitally important for clear communication.

However, the traditional static meeting framework fails to keep up with the changing needs of new team collaboration.

Like every other element, your business meetings need to evolve.

Today’s smarter teams need smarter collaboration systems. Championing this need comes AI meeting minutes, an AI-powered bot that alleviates the overall productivity of meetings.

Modern workforces see a steep growth in distributed workforce models.  After all, the model allows an organization to get the best of global talents along with lowering down running costs and many other perks. According to CNBC, almost 70% of the worldwide workforce today works remotely at least once every week.

However, the critical element that makes sure that this model works is communication. Without it, the full system is susceptible to collapse.

Facilitating the best of traditional meetings without their shortcomings, AI meeting minutes assistant makes sure you make the most of your time.

Let’s look at the primary areas where AI-meeting minutes can boost your team’s efficiency.

AI meeting minutes boost team efficiency

Where can an AI meeting minutes boost your team’s efficiency?

  • Time optimization: Valuable time is often wasted to start the meeting in a traditional meeting. Some participants come early, some late. An AI meeting minutes makes sure everyone is on time every time. It creates alerts 15 minutes before any meeting starts and keeps all the participants posted on the same.
  • Goal-oriented collaboration: One of the many problems that make a meeting unproductive is keeping it impromptu. A meeting without clear set goals creates redundancy in the quality. The attendees, most of the time, leave the premise without actionable steps.
  • Quality optimization: Taking notes is, no doubt, one of the to-do jobs in a meeting for future use. However, it distracts you from the meeting heavily. With an AI meeting minutes, you can focus on meeting, leaving all other to-do tasks on your bot.
  • Clear communication: Human communication may face errors many times, especially if the team size grows. There may be times when you communicate updates to all members of the team, leaving a few. With an AI meeting minutes, there is no trouble like this. It makes sure each member is updated every time without fail.
  • Improved productivity: One of the main challenges in a traditional meeting is keeping every member posted with real-time updates. Especially the last-minute changes.

An AI meeting minutes bot champions this feature. It makes real-time updates hassle-free, seamless, and quick.

Thus, overall productivity increases.

  • Enhanced focus: Eliminating unnecessary distractions of work like notetaking, continuous communication updates to each member increases the quality of attention.

An AI meeting minutes assistant makes sure it does your meta work and lets you concentrate on what is essential: your product and customers.

  • Increased engagement: Adding a touch of a human, you AI meeting minutes bot uses the power of machine learning to simulate human conversational language.

Thus, the next time your team or customer strikes a chat with your AI bot, you will never feel less human.

However, harnessing the power of AI, it makes sure it’s error-proof.

But, choosing the right fit in the flooding market of AI-powered meeting and collaboration tools is tricky.

Here is a list of features that can make your task easier.

meeting assistant features

What features make your AI meeting minutes choice the best for a productive meeting?

No matter how high your tool ranks on a utility-scale, if it is not user-friendly, it can do no good to your team.

That is the number 1 rule.

Keeping user-friendliness and utility as the prime most factors in your mind, the following are the features you should check:

  • Meeting scheduler: The principal role of your tool is to facilitate the scheduling of meetings. But what you need to track is how fast and easy it is.
  • Re-scheduler: Business is dynamic. Last-minute changes are part and parcel. Thus, your AI meeting minutes bot needs to adapt to the needs and facilitate fast re-scheduling options.
  • Transcription capabilities: While in the meeting, keeping a record of your meeting time is essential for future use. Along with the recording, a transcription of the same is necessary to derive the highlights of the meeting. Your AI meeting minutes must have this vital capability.
  • Flexibility: Businesses tend to change their shape and size fast. Thus, no matter if you need a one-on-one meeting or a conference, your AI meeting assistant must be flexible to facilitate all.
  • Integration: Silo model business operations are a thing of the past. Today, you need your work tools with maximum integration power. Your AI assistant must have full integration capabilities to synchronize with popular productivity tools.
  • Conflict resolution: Conflicts between team members are a usual event in the workplace. You need your AI assistant to be adept at helping resolve these conflicts.
  • Precision: An AI bot uses machine learning frameworks to learn patterns. Thus, with time its work efficiency only increases as it determines the trends and critical terminologies of your meeting minutes.

The AI-powered meeting assistant AIRA features all of the above features. But it extends its offerings further.

AIRA is cloud-based, goal-oriented, conversation-adept, and has high precision. But that is not all.

The company makes sure you have 24/7 expert support in case you face trouble handling the product.

Its 256-bit encryption technology makes sure your conversations are safe and in a closed-circuit.

Closing thoughts

An AI meeting assistant is not only efficient but also cost-effective. It costs almost 30% than the average human assistant.  Investing in an AI-powered bot is, no doubt, the right choice for your business today.

There are two key elements that you need to keep a check on while you invest in the tool, the efficiency of the device, and the support that the company that serves the tool. No matter how efficient a tool is, it is susceptible to malfunction.

A company that supports robust troubleshoot capabilities makes sure you stay at peace every time.

Hire your best productive team member, AI meeting minutes assistant today!

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