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Why Work From Home Model Is The Best Vaccine Against Covid19 For Organizations

work from home model

With the pandemic attack of the Coronavirus, it is needless to say that the world is witnessing the global challenge.

According to recent survey statistics, the virus has affected 93,574 causing the death of 3204 people. However there are still 39,311 active cases. However, there are deeper consequences that Covid-19 lays upon the world than what may appear to your eyes apparently. Along with higher mortality rate, the onset of Coronavirus hints to lay its impact on the global economy. In fact, it is very susceptible to create a world recession. So, the question is how do we combat this global crisis? Shall we let this take control of our life’s flow? The broader concern here is, can a calamity like this take control over our lives? Today, it is Corona, but tomorrow it can be some other disaster. So what could be the probable solution? The answer lies in creativity. Today, technology has flexed the hands of humankind like no other. Together with technology and a creative working model, it is very much possible to disrupt the traditional way of work while optimizing on the workforce. But how? Enter the work from home model. Blending in the power of the best of both worlds, work from home model brings in the power of best of both worlds: team collaboration and remote working. However, to realize how, you need to start from a little behind. Let’s look at what it exactly is?

work from home through online meetings

What is a work from home model really?

A work from home model is a human resource model where the participants work beyond the limitations of a traditional office environment. In such a model all the team members collaborate with each other over the virtual space. Such a platform is often termed to be a virtual office. In such a model, the team is dispersed by their geo-location. They can be anywhere in the world. Asia or America, everyone is connected over the internet. And the culture of remote work is only on the rise. According to CIPHR, Upwork took a survey where hiring managers predicted 38% of their permanent staff working remotely in the next 10 years. Thus, it is not difficult to find out the benefits that the working model comes embedded already. Let’s find out what?

work from home benefits

The many benefits of a work from home model

  • Increased quality: Making it easier and less stressful for employees, a work from home model creates an environment for increased quality of work.
  • Greater flexibility: Reducing the burden of traditional work environment a remote working condition allows greater flexibility to team members to utilize their work time.
  • Increased efficiency: With lesser friction and micromanaging tasks employees can leverage their skills and excel their goal points.
  • Top talents: With improved scope off of finding the best human resource without the barriers of locations your company can harness the efficiency of the best talents globally.
  • Optimised Resources: With remote workers working in your team you can cut down on your company’s expenses. Thus, you buy your organization higher flexibility.

However, this power work-collaboration framework has its own shortcomings. It is susceptible towards quite a number of important elements.

  • Weaker communication: Remote works make teams more vulnerable to get disconnected. After all, if your network is down for one day, you will not be connected to your team.
  • Collaboration and synergy: Collaboration becomes a challenge when you cannot share the same team spirit amongst each one working in the project.

But, you can overcome these challenges seamlessly blending in modern technology. Remember, communication is the key determiner of the success of a remote working team. Using different Saas productivity tools can make your work a breeze.

work from home tools

Top tools to keep your work from home model simple

  • Real-time communication channel: Communicating real-time is indispensable to quick-fix issues in a team. Real-time communication channels make sure that it facilitates you with the same. In fact, it is hassle-free, easy and fun to use them.
  • Web-conference tool: Sometimes, getting everyone under one roof becomes important to make a decision. A web-conference tool works wonders for a remote working team.
  • Documentation platform: Keeping an internal team wiki platform is important to keep everyone updated with the same information. This way you can keep your team tied to the same page.
  • Remote Desktop: You can always instruct your team member to achieve a particular action. However, sometimes this process is messy. A remote desktop application comes in handy in such a case. It allows users a local access to another computer or a network.
  • AI-powered tools: An AI powered-assistant can make sure to take down all your repeating works and leverage your time to concentrate on what is important your business. It not only helps your productivity go high and also lowers down redundancy.

All these productivity tools make sure that you optimize on your work process and upscale efficiency. What’s more? They make your work processes fun. There are so many options available in the market. However, choosing one does need some careful consideration. An AI-powered tool AIRA make sure you get the best of experience from your choice of productivity tools. AIRA’s smart, cloud-based interface is conversation-friendly, making it more human. However, like other humans, it never errs. Powered by artificial intelligence, AIRA is geared to improve your team’s productivity and efficiency. It is goal-oriented. Meeting all of the intricate and intrinsic business goals, AIRA is the best of both worlds. It is robust, flexible and has a dedicated 24/7 support. The world is changing fast and so are its needs. To keep up with the dynamism, it is time for you to rethink business models. You need to disrupt the status quo and strive for creative rule-bending systems to bring productivity and abundance in the business landscape. Fighting Corona Virus is one of the big challenges that the globe sees today. However, together with a creative bend, this challenge altogether with future challenges can be addressed boldly.