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How Can Online Classes Be Less Painful with AI Meeting Assistants

online classes

The e-learning industry was booming even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. However, the pandemic accelerated this move towards e-learning and online classes even further.

As widespread lockdowns and restrictions were put in place to check the spread of the COVID-19 virus, students and professionals had to switch to e-learning and online classes.

The boom was such that the academic e-learning market is now expected to grow by $72.4 billion by 2024 at an average CAGR of 10% during this period.

e-learning market stats
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But are online classes actually worth it?

Can they replace the in-person mode of education?

And are there any ways of improving your online classes using AI-powered meeting assistants like Aira?

To answer all of these questions, we’ve put together this guide.

First, let’s start by understanding how you can run online classes effectively.

How to Run Online Classes Effectively

Running an online class comes with numerous challenges. Firstly, you’re located away from the students. This means that you’d have to change the way you teach things.

When it comes to in-person education, there are numerous ways of keeping the classes engaging and fun. However, these may not be available to you when you’re launching online classes.

So, let’s take a look at some helpful tips that can come in handy when you’re running online classes.

1. Schedule the Classes Well

Before you start your online classes, you need to ensure that your students turn up for them. For this, it’s essential that you schedule these classes well in advance and inform your students about the same.

The idea here is to ensure that your students know exactly when they need to be present for the online class.

You can typically do this using the video conferencing tool that you’re leveraging for your online classes.

However, don’t keep the invite simple and straightforward. Instead, you should also include a rough agenda and some joining instructions with it. This will help your students prepare well in advance for the class. Also, it’ll reduce the chances of the students facing any issues while joining the session too.

What’s more?

Along with these instructions, you should also consider putting out a list of requirements if they’re supposed to have their webcams and microphones on during the classes.

Finally, it’s important to send out reminders a few minutes before the classes, just as a nudge for the students. This would give them enough time to prepare for the lecture.

2. Keep the Classes Secure

As your online classes take place on video conferencing or e-learning platforms, the chances are that some outsiders can join in those sessions.

So, it’s essential that you secure these online meetings before you begin. The idea here is to create a safe space for you and the students to communicate during the classes without any miscreants spoiling the sessions.

And how can you do that?

Some of the steps you can take are:

  • Share your meeting invites through private channels
  • Keep your meeting password protected and share the passwords only with the attendees.
  • Use a waiting room so that you can filter the people entering the meeting.
  • Keep a tab on those in your meeting room to ensure that only known people are in the class.
  • Ensure you can manage and remove participants.

3. Follow Microlearning Principles

Whether you’re teaching students in a real-life classroom or through online classes, it’s essential to understand that the human brain can’t concentrate on the lecture for a long time. This is critical, especially if you’re dealing with kids, whose attention spans can be as short as mere minutes.

In such a situation, if you want all the communicated information to be absorbed well by the students, you should leverage microlearning.

This means that you can break up your content into small chunks of information that can be absorbed by the students. After a few minutes, you should consider taking a short break. This can help them freshen up for the next set of learning.

What’s more?

Along with the duration of the classes, you should also try to bring in variation when it comes to the mode of teaching them. For instance, your first session could be based on a whiteboard. On the other hand, the second session can be through a quiz or some fun game where the students are more involved.

And why should you do this?

This would help in increasing the involvement of the students in these activities. As a result, they’d be more engaged in the classes and this would improve the chances of them absorbing all the information that’s communicated to them.

4. Show Your Face

One more thing that you need to keep in mind while you’re running online classes is to show your face. When it comes to regular in-person classes, you’d typically be present right in front of the students. This presence can help in improving the engagement of the classes.

However, online classes lack this sort of engagement. You’d instead have to make a special effort to make the lectures more interesting for the students.

Showing your face can help in making the lectures more engaging. A lecture with just a voice talking and a presentation on the screen won’t make a big impact. However, when that voice gets combined with facial expressions, it’s a completely different thing altogether.  

show your face

The online class would become a lot more engaging when you do this. However, make sure that you clear out any messy things from your background. You could choose to use a background filter as well. Additionally, it helps if the room is brightly lit as it may reduce the dullness of your video.

How to Use AI-Powered Meeting Assistants to Improve Your Online Classes

Now that you know all about how you can improve your online classes, let’s take a look at how you can use AI-powered meeting assistants like Aira to make your online classes better.

So, how can AI-powered meeting assistants help?

Online classes tend to be long and would also require the students to pay attention and take down notes at the same time. This is similar to the situation in regular classes too. However, there’s a catch.

When you’re in a classroom, it’s typically easier to take down notes during the lecture. This can be slightly tricky during online classes.

As a student, you’d have to simultaneously look at the video and also take down notes. This would be challenging for students, especially if they’re kids.

In such a situation, it always helps to have some notes handy for the online class. You can send out these notes to your students so that they can seamlessly refresh their memory using them.

But this, too, would require you to take out some time before the online class and write the notes. Additionally, there wouldn’t be a lot of coherence with the things you’d actually speak during the lecture as the notes would be written beforehand.

That’s where AI-powered meeting assistants like Aira can come to your rescue. Aira seamlessly auto joins your online class by picking it up from your calendar. Post that, it starts recording the class and provides you the entire audio recording with the transcript at the end of it.

Aira for online classes
Image via Aira

But what about the notes?

How does it help with them?

One of the best features of Aira is that it auto-generates the meeting minutes using its AI-powered engine. It quickly figures out all the important points that you’ve spoken about and summarizes them. These points can essentially act as notes for your online class.

What’s more?

It also provides a list of all the important action items that you can easily edit. And once the meeting is over, it also sends the entire meeting recording, notes, and action items to all the attendees via email.

This ensures that all your students receive both the notes and the online class recording. As a result, they’ll be able to refer to them anytime that they want with ease.

Use AI-Powered Meeting Assistant Now!

Online classes can be a great way of teaching students remotely. Due to its numerous advantages, e-learning is gaining a lot of traction too. However, to ensure that your students benefit from it, you should schedule your classes well and keep them secure.

Additionally, it helps to follow microlearning principles. You must also try to show your face as much as possible to improve the interactiveness of the class.

Finally, incorporate an AI-powered meeting assistant like Aira to seamlessly record and summarize the class so that the students get the notes quickly. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to book a demo now.