What does Aira do?

What does Aira do ?

Aira takes charge of all web meetings and provides notes, action items, keywords, transcripts and recordings for every meeting in one place.

Auto-joins Online Meetings

Aira can auto-join online meetings by picking them up from the calendar itself. It will never be late for a meeting.

Records Meeting Conversations

Aira records the entire conversation and provides the transcript along with the voice recording at the end of the meeting.

Auto-generates Meeting Minutes

With an AI-driven approach, Aira quickly figures out the meeting minutes from the entire conversation. It helps save time and focus on the work at hand.

Edits Action Items Quickly

Aira intelligently analyzes and provides a list of action items that one can easily edit.

Emails to all Attendees

Once your meeting is over, it sends recordings, meeting notes and action items to all the attendees in an email.